about exploitation

Ryder Ripps is a conceptual artist working with digital media based in New York.


from his livejournal:

On 11/9/14 i spent the night at the Ace Hotel.

I was asked to be an artist in residence for a night in the hotel – which entails a free room for a night and a $50 allowance for art supplies.
I decided for my project I would go on the Craigslist casual encounters section and hire a male and a female sex worker to draw whatever they wish. The title of this piece is ART WHORE, referring to my own involvement.


So, he instantly hired two people and spent two hours with them in the room; here‘s the documentation and a video of the entire thing:



immediately after, here comes the storm:


Art F City:




and then some more contextualized statements about it:

Art F City



have fun