about the machine

The Machine is a technologized organism, composed by flesh, images and data.
It is the physical trace left by the world of information, the multitude of networks and the materiality of its cables and outputs.
It embodies in the definitions of multiplicity and contradiction, as an aggregate of identities, cultures, objects and their interactions.
It lives on the boundaries of visual culture collected through networks and its shape contains a wide range of values, from geolocation coordinates to bank details.
“It is always interior, so extensive that you rarely perceive limits” [1]; at the same time is epidermal, as a collage of melted skin textures.
It is a complex system of biological and algorithmic operations.
It has multiple features in space; it is an erected superstructure, an infrastructure and a smaller fully-equipped space entity moving through them.
It is both a blueprint and a realized project.
It can last through eternity and it is already a ruin covered in dust.




Materials have tendencies and capacities of their own.
They’re active, autonomous, they do what they wanna do.
They’re self organizing, and they’re pregnant with morphogenetic capacities and potentialities.


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