Last week I had a live session for a video work directed by Jude Crilly. With my project KLC, we played a jam session made of stereotypes of dance music in order to summon the oracle Guruji, played by a dancer, in a live dialogue between sound and movement. The whole thing was recorded with Kinect cameras, and the final video was part of the Serpentine Galleries’ Transformation Marathon.


Here an introductive text by Ben Vickers and the final video:


For the recording of Guruji, artist Jude Crilly brought together a group of lone bedroom techno & deep-bass composers, who usually make their sounds by night behind their computer screens. Guruji was recorded, cut and mastered at an all-night techno conjuring session at Cafe OTO, London. In a fully ritualised audio labour—with full soundsystem rig—they join forces to summon the Guruji, a spinning rave digital divinity. She’s like a youtube bedroom dancer; sexy girl, she’s into dubstep, 2-step garage, ambient and house. But through the smoke machine of data, something really happens when she hears the subs. Guruji the Illumination, she comes in hard with the dawn, comes with a special message for the radio.




PS: the video contains one of the first experiments I’ve done with Vocaloid