Future Breed Machine update (email to Ed & Jonathan)

*quick recap*

it will be a combination of various media I’ve been using over the course, under the name of “Future Breed Machine“.
I will include some elements from last year’s summer show in a new video and a sound piece using Vocaloid which I’ll “dub” with live vocals performing everyday during that week.

so, it would be composed by three parts:

  • “primordial soup” VIDEO (monitor / tv screen) – green screen videos of VFX material, 3D smoke, particles. I might do a generative smoke in unity/unreal engine instead of making a video.

I might also add a second video on a smaller screen, focusing on machines made of found 3D models and tribal tattoos (I was thinking of using my kindle fire HD tablet, it worked well for Digital Meze last year)

  • microphone stand/performance area
  • sound system – here’s the tricky part where I need your help most:

I’ve been thinking of making a sculpture, a vertical DNA double helix made of metal (I’m open to other options) where to hang some “naked” speakers with cable ties.
It should be around 6/6.5ft (2mt) high in order to have enough space to orient the speakers…




overall tech list:

  • big monitor / tv screen (studio tv if available?)
  • Kindle Fire HD tablet
  • desktop computer
  • sound / speakers (1 or 2 12” subwoofers, 4 tweeters – at least)
  • amplifier
  • mic (SM57) + FX Helicon H1
  • small mixer (mic + computer input)