predator will use the money to modernise

After a while since my last considerable post on this blog I’d like to write about the best thing I’ve done lately.

KLC is a thing started some time ago in Milan, when I was doing DJ sets regularly with a few friends.
Our sets were focused on dark sounds, percussive dance music mixed with more atmospheric stuff and post-punk influences.





The three of us then moved to London and last year we had the chance to work on an original composition (and live set) for a project with Jude Crilly, presented during the Serpentine’s Transformation Marathon. Since then we wanted to keep on producing new music and reshape the project into a proper band, blending a dance-oriented type of electronic music with the impact of a live (hardcore punk) band.

During a couple of rehearsal sessions we wrote some new material and then selected 7 songs for this EP titled ‘Predator Will Use the Money to Modernise’. Huh, right, I’m doing the vocals on this. Enjoy it (or don’t):



Some screenshots from a video I made for the track ‘Migmar’ (will publish it soon on this blog):


klcstill03klcstill01 klcstill02


We’re now looking forward to our live debut 🙂