future breed machine update2 (infrastructure)

thinking about the display of my piece for the final show.

the machine will be an A/V work in two parts: resting time and performance.

during the resting time there will be a video loop and atmospheric sound, whereas the performance will take place every evening for about 20 minutes.


here two ideas of how the video/sound could be displayed:



1 – Triple monitor floor stand

the central arm would be used as a screen mount and the speakers would be hanging on the two arms on the sides

r3vTripleMount-800x800 gt-omega-pro-racing-simulator-supreme-rs6-seat-a17821-700x700




2 (best) Dual screen back to back ceiling mount

front side as screen side and back side would hang the speakers on a custom made support (lasercut DNA shape? / simple bar)


image-14 image-13





Extra: 3 I’ll be playing TrackMania while you can enjoy everyone else’s work