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  • manuellnon 17:04 on 31 May 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    FAT UR BREED MACHINE (2 updates) 

    1st update:

    I was compositing images on a video for the final show and the title “future breed machine” was partially hidden by a column of dense smoke particles. Suddenly the letters on screen didn’t look like the original title anymore but something like “fat ur breed machine”. And I like it, so here’s the new title: FAT UR BREED MACHINE.


    2nd update:

    an example of the type of sounds I’ll be using + particle system (smoke screenshots)

    particle sys

  • manuellnon 22:02 on 20 May 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    predator will use the money to modernise 

    After a while since my last considerable post on this blog I’d like to write about the best thing I’ve done lately.

    KLC is a thing started some time ago in Milan, when I was doing DJ sets regularly with a few friends.
    Our sets were focused on dark sounds, percussive dance music mixed with more atmospheric stuff and post-punk influences.





    The three of us then moved to London and last year we had the chance to work on an original composition (and live set) for a project with Jude Crilly, presented during the Serpentine’s Transformation Marathon. Since then we wanted to keep on producing new music and reshape the project into a proper band, blending a dance-oriented type of electronic music with the impact of a live (hardcore punk) band.

    During a couple of rehearsal sessions we wrote some new material and then selected 7 songs for this EP titled ‘Predator Will Use the Money to Modernise’. Huh, right, I’m doing the vocals on this. Enjoy it (or don’t):



    Some screenshots from a video I made for the track ‘Migmar’ (will publish it soon on this blog):


    klcstill03klcstill01 klcstill02


    We’re now looking forward to our live debut 🙂


  • manuellnon 18:23 on 7 December 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Future Breed Machine (interim version) 

    Last week we had an interim show in our studio space at Camberwell. I played live some of the sound experiments I’ve been doing with Vocaloid (Avanna).

    My performance was a 20 minutes sequence of heavy metal guitar solos (using MIDI files found online) transformed into a synthetic voice composition. Here’s a recording of the whole thing:


    IMG_0342 IMG_0411
    via Basilbus


    …planning to integrate this element into the Future Breed Machine (also here)

  • manuellnon 16:04 on 28 October 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Last week I had a live session for a video work directed by Jude Crilly. With my project KLC, we played a jam session made of stereotypes of dance music in order to summon the oracle Guruji, played by a dancer, in a live dialogue between sound and movement. The whole thing was recorded with Kinect cameras, and the final video was part of the Serpentine Galleries’ Transformation Marathon.


    Here an introductive text by Ben Vickers and the final video:


    For the recording of Guruji, artist Jude Crilly brought together a group of lone bedroom techno & deep-bass composers, who usually make their sounds by night behind their computer screens. Guruji was recorded, cut and mastered at an all-night techno conjuring session at Cafe OTO, London. In a fully ritualised audio labour—with full soundsystem rig—they join forces to summon the Guruji, a spinning rave digital divinity. She’s like a youtube bedroom dancer; sexy girl, she’s into dubstep, 2-step garage, ambient and house. But through the smoke machine of data, something really happens when she hears the subs. Guruji the Illumination, she comes in hard with the dawn, comes with a special message for the radio.




    PS: the video contains one of the first experiments I’ve done with Vocaloid

  • manuellnon 14:44 on 14 October 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    about vocaloid 

    from Vocaloid.wikia:


    VOCALOID began from the simple concept of synthesizing the human vocals for singing. From the start this was never an easy task for the programmers behind the software, but from that beginning VOCALOID™ has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, spawning new musicians, albums, figurines and even concerts.

    There are many different VOCALOIDs, such as KAITO, Hatsune Miku and Aoki Lapis, who sing in Japanese. There are also VOCALOIDs like L♀LA, BIG AL and AVANNA, who sing in English. As of VOCALOID3 there are now VOCALOIDs like Bruno and Clara, who are Spanish, while SeeU is Korean and Luo Tianyi is Chinese.



    Vocaloid is basically a DAW for voice synthesis based on a simple piano roll and a multitrack viewport. You can easily type in lyrics on the notes to get them automatically converted in phonetic symbols.






    My favourite aspect of Vocaloid is the use of preset synthesizers – or “avatars”.One of them – Hatsune Miku – has become a proper pop star; her multimedia franchise includes a software for 3D animation (MikuMikuDance) and her live performance featured the 2014 US tour of Lady Gaga, as opening act.







    I’ve started using Vocaloid a few weeks ago, using MIDI lines from heavy metal guitar solos and an edited text from the lyrics of more than 50 death metal songs; using their descriptions of materials, mutation, transformation of the body. The Vocaloid avatar I’ve been using so far is called Cyber Diva, and is one of the best English speaking synths for Vocaloid:



  • manuellnon 17:30 on 1 August 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    notes #3 sound works 

    Sound and music have always been part of my research, both because I often use sound in my practice and also because I take inspiration from visual and social aspects of underground music scenes.
    I regularly listen to a lot of new music and from time to time I use to compile mixtapes and collections of sounds.
    Here is one of the latest mixes I have done (from the ‘hybrid’ series, focused on experimental techno) from my mixcloud channel:

    Last month I had the chance to publish a mixtape for a web radio called Fritto.fm; a Milan-based collective who daily stream new mixes (check out their archive).



    uh, if you like house music, I have just uploaded a summer mix dedicated to council estates:

  • manuellnon 1:55 on 12 June 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    notes #2 profile images & masks 

    This section is a collection of outcomes from my latest research on masks, online identities and self representation (and lee scratch perry and dog portraits):





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